True Spirit International Ministries

P.O. Box 164

Calumet City, Illinois 60409 / 708-933-6043


The church was organized as True Spirit Baptist Church February 6, 20000. We had our first service as a church January 7, 2001, and at that service twenty one souls came to know the Lord, and received their salvation. We had Sunday school, Bible Studies, and church services in my home for thirteen months.

As the months passed by, our ministry grew to eighty nine members, and we had nearly thirty thousand dollars in our church savings account.

We moved our ministry from my home, into our purchased property January 28, 2001. We purchased our building located at 539 W. 120th street Chicago, Illinois 60628, for $60k and we rehabbed the property for $75k. The rehab was largely due to continued support of membership, through tithes, offerings, and building fund processes.

My wife and I had to use our home as collateral for the additional $75k loan,

whereby the two mortgages were pulled together as one note, and I gave my church my home equity of $43k toward the amount of the rehab to lessen the amount of the loan payment.

I never asked for it back, and I insisted that the Lord told me to give the $43k as a free will offering to my church.

We decided to change the name of our church from True Spirit Baptist Church, to True spirit International Ministries November 3, 2003. We believe that the Lord’s will is our church to one day become a multi-racial, and multi-cultural church, where everyone is welcome to attend without any forms of prejudices.

We continued to grow as a ministry to just over 100 people, until the market crashed in the year 2008. That crash hit our ministry hard, and because of loss of employment; many members began to stop coming to church as some had no transportation, and others simply stated that they didn’t believe that they were no longer able to support the church financially, and stopped attending the church.

We had to sell our 12 passenger Chevy church van, which was fully paid for through church tithes and offerings, and lastly we had to sell our building due to a lack of finance in November 2009.

We were able to sell the property for just over $200.000.00, and with paying off the church from the proceeds of the sale, my home was also paid off simultaneously; long before the maturity date of my initial home loan.

We have been renting (shared space) with other churches in order to continue our ministry. We rented space at Grace Methodist Church located at 12739 South Maple Avenue, Blue Island, Illinois 60406, from December 2009 to December 2012. Our rent then was $1400.00 per month.

We rented space at Christ Centered Ministries International located at 9701 S. 49th Ave., Oak Lawn, Illinois from January 2013 till March 2017. Our rent was then $600.00 per month. Currently we are renting space at a building located at 905 W. Chicago Avenue East Chicago, Indiana 46312, and we are currently paying $1200.00 per month, plus gas, light, and alarm system monthly.

The Lord has shown our ministry that we are now ready to purchase our own property, and with the building located at 20721 S. Torrence Avenue, Lynwood, Il 60411; we believe the community will afford us the ability to finally become the multi-cultural ministry that the Lord has said we would become. We are currently 78 members strong, with our youth contributing about 18 members of our ministry, ages (8-18); and the remainder being adults.

We offer ministries like feeding the poor, visiting nursing homes, hospital visitation, and other in house ministries like youth and adult praise dance, puppet ministry, mime ministry, and other academic events for steering our youth in the right direction.

Please refer to our bank statements for our weekly contributions and expenses.

Please consider this ministry as a community asset to do business with!

Blessings to you all!

Pastor Jason Johnson

Service Hours:

Wednesday - (Mid Week Service): 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Sunday - (Sunday School): 9:30am - 10:30am

                (Morning Worship) 11:00am  

We are working diligently to add souls to the Kingdom of our Lord, and sowing into our ministry would help us in our endeavor to do just that. We are accepting all monetary donations to assist us in this process; we have plenty of faith, but your financial support of this ministry will hasten our efforts to reach more souls for the kingdom.

Please send all tax deductible donations to: C/O True Spirit International Ministries 20721 Torrence Avenue Lynwood, Illinois 60411


Pastors Jason & Fran Johnson