Our Pastor's

Pastor's Jason and Fran Johnson, has truly been sent to us by God; to lead, and encourage our membership through difficult times, and periods of triumphs.

Our Pastor's have proven themselves to be true followers of Christ, and works diligently to equip the members with the complete knowledge of God's Word!

Both of them have a zeal for expressing God's love, and the grace for all people!

Pastor Jason

Blessings to you all!

I am the Senior Pastor of True Spirit International Ministries, which was birthed out of the basement of my home January 22, 2000. I attended Moody Bible Institute for one year; Chicago Baptist Institute for eighteen months, and received a B.A. in Pastoral Studies, and Christian Education, in 2015.

I have a love for teaching the engrafted Word of God, to anyone who desires to receive an understanding of the Bible. I am married to the greatest woman on this side of heaven; my best friend, and life partner; Pastor Fran Johnson for thirty years, and together we have three sons, and one daughter. Absolutely nothing brings me more joy than living a life enriched by spiritual integrity!

I love the Lord with all that is within me, and I’m excited to know that he first loved me! I pray that our paths will soon meet! Until that time comes to fruition, continue to have a Jesus kind of Day!

Pastor Jason

Pastor Fran


I’m Pastor Fran Johnson; the proud wife of Pastor Jason Johnson. I believe that God has blessed me to be the mother of all True Spirit’s children; young and old alike! My goal as his “ONLY LADY”, and first lady of T.S.I.M.; is to support my husband / Pastor, in everything that is ministry, and marriage.

He certainly has been through many battles, and with God’s grace and mercy, together we have managed to continue our pursuit of Holy Matrimony without the trials and tribulations which are known to other married couples. I must say that our life together has been amazing, and every day we strive to make our lives available for the Glory of God’s use.

Staying true to the will of God, and His Word, has never been a problem for me! I believe that a Christian should exercise the utmost respect, and honor for our Lord, and we must not compromise who we are; especially if it means dumbing

down the Christ within us!

Blessings and God’s Peace be with you all!

Pastor Fran