To offer a place where hurting, depressed, frustrated, and confused can find help, hope, forgiveness, guidance, encouragement, and love.

To offer a place where sharing the good news of Jesus Christ can become a way of life in the Calumet City area.

To offer a place where the broken hearted and the down trodden can feel welcome.

To offer a place where all people can be equipped with the word of God to learn the goodness of life.

To offer a place where every believer can learn to discover their God given talents, to further the building of God’s kingdom.

To offer a place where we will teach people to become knowledgeable in the word of God, so that more churches may be able to open doors because of the training our members received here at True Spirit.

To offer a place where everyone can and will learn that in Jesus Christ, they can help save our communities, cities, and states from a society that believe they cannot make it.

I believe that in Christ Jesus all things are possible to him that believe, and are the called and elect according to his holy and Blessed name. The aforementioned shall become a reality.