Passionate Hearts Dance Ministry and Gods glory dance ministry

Passionate Hearts meet every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sometimes 5th Saturday of every month at 10am unless there is an event going on. Gods Glory will start meeting on those saturdays as well, but at 12:30-2.

We worship, we preach, We praise, we warfar and we Pray solely through movement, interpreting the word of God through dance. We express our love for God through The avenue of movement.

Leaders of the Dance Teams: 

Cleondra Coleman

Hi my name is Cleondra, and I am the Leader of Passionate Hearts Dance Ministry and God’s Glory dance Ministry. I was introduced to praise dancing at the age of 7 and ever since it’s been a complete blessing that I will always give back to God. I have leaned and gleaned on former leaders who has equipped me and trained me to be a ministry leader after God’s own heart. I continued to dance throughout high school under the leadership of Jasondra Johnson and Laticia Thomas. 

In my adult years I have taken more spiritual building classes such as graduating Ten Illinois year 1. Also taking a Spiritual boot camp which equips us with knowledge of The Word of God and how to use it to come up with ministry pieces.ministry of dance.  

I fit the role because God has placed inside me a gift that has always been apart of me. I’ve tried to sit my gift on the shelf and it burned so deep inside of me that God wouldn’t allow me to just sit it down. When I was a kid someone’s gift opened the door and awakened the gift inside of me, and now all I want to do is return that amongst my passionate hearts as well as God’s Glory. When ministering and teaching the dance ministry the vision has always been to use our gift of dance to inspire, empower, and reach those who may not know Jesus for themselves. In return as a Minister of dance we also find our healing, our strength, and more over our releasement. I don’t just teach God’s minstrels to be cute dancer’s, but I through Holy spirit and the Word of God equip them for battle, for worship, for praise, for whatever it is God is assigning them to through their